San Francisco


MAKING A DIFFERENCE (September 2003)

VLSP connected Susan* with a psychiatrist to establish the clinical basis of her problem. The psychiatrist diagnosed Susan with an obsessive compulsive disorder, specifically hoarding and cluttering, explaining that her collection of magazines, newspapers, clothing, old mail and other items was a result of her condition. Through VLSP’s services, Susan was matched with volunteer attorney Yosef Peretz who represented her at settlement conference and negotiated a plan that allowed her to stay in her home.

Meanwhile, a VLSP volunteer therapist has agreed to see Susan on a regular basis to address the issues that have contributed to her inability to throw things away. Susan has worked to clean up her apartment with the assistance of her friends and is thankful to have such a wonderful support system. Through a holistic approach, Susan was not only able to remedy the immediate problem, but also make significant changes in her life that will have lasting results.

*Real name was changed to protect identity.